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"When I first became aware of movies, I couldn’t help asking myself the question, “How did they do that?”

My own experiments with animation and the family camera began the process of answering that question, a process which continues to this day.

I put my discoveries into practice by making films with family and friends. Smoke machines, lighting effects and piles of old clothes were all sucked into the teenage movie production line which was the predecessor of Moran Films.

Filming school plays taught me discipline; filming my own stories gave an outlet to my creativity that I continue to pour into the films of my clients."

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Graphic Designer

Camera Assistant


Steve Moran is the father of Raphael Moran. He is a musician, composer, multi-instrumentalist, actor, clown, story-teller and children's author. He played viola in the Ashdown String Quartet, tuba in Lingfield Silver Band, mandolin in Plink!, and has sung numerous bass roles including Raphael in Haydn's Creation and Michael in Mozart's Requiem.


"Ever since I was a young lad I have been fascinated by the creative nature of, well, everything, from the playground to the shape of trees. Seeing how different problems require different creative solutions.

Noticing how technological techniques are used to communicate with audiences and generate a return in all sorts of beneficial ways.

And applying those techniques in a creative way to produce images that really speak to people."

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